LB Productions presents


Produced and Directed by 

Scott A. Smith


We have the movie trailer done. Click the link below.

 As for the screening - I am still looking so PLEASE contact me so that I can talk to you about it. Its looking great!!!

a LB Production
Scott A. Smith and Debbie Jensen: Executive Producers/Writers
Kat Black- Diva Studio : Associate Producer
Geno Romo: 1st Assistant Director
Scott Smith: Editor
Thank You All who Participated in Sick-N-Contagious
The movie is based on a terrorist that contaminates with a poisonous virus
 that spreads through several small towns into the public water supply systems. 
The sick-n-contagious virus turns all people - young and old - into flesh eating zombies. 
A team of seven join together to find the Vaccination Center 
as all hell breaks out through each town they enter.

Newest update as of 6-13-2013. We are changing the beginning of the movie. The delay will be about 3 to 4 weeks, and then the movie should be available for purchase.

Thank you everyone for contributing to our film.
Green Screen Sick-N-Contagious photos

Any questions, please call 541.466.0931 

If you would like additional information or details about our film, please Email 

Scott Smith or Debbie Jensen -